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This treatment is great for people who have very little brow or want to improve their brow shape.

Microblading is a freehand technique, using a manual tool with micro needles, depositing cosmetic pigments into the epidermis of the skin to create the perfect brow.

Wake up to the perfect brow with this semi permanent make up.

A £50 non refundable booking fee is required to secure your appointment slot.

Just had a fantastic facial from Carla. She was welcoming, relaxing and really knew her stuff! I was so relaxed from the massaging element. Looking forward to starting my new skincare routine with dermalogica. I've booked in for 3 further treatments in preparation for my wedding day. Thanks again Carla.


I visited a lot of salons before I found Rejuvenate, no one comes close to them in terms of their level of service and approach. Really professional, friendly and fantastic service every time. I highly recommend this place this anyone.


Hairstroke Brows

£295.00 (includes after kit)

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Powder Brows

£350.00 (includes after kit)

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Combination Brows

£350.00 (includes after care kit and six week touch up)

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Top up

6 Months from £100.00 | 12 Months from £150.00

Please note if too much pigment is missing and hairstrokes or brow outlines are not visible when you attend your top up, the full treatment price will apply

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Microblading FAQs

Microblading is a manual semi permanent tattooing technique. Using a small handheld tool you implant pigment into the skin, creating hair stroke lines. This gives the appearance of fuller brows, or for those with no brow hair, can create a whole new eyebrow. Microblading is a more gentle technique than previous methods, and can create a very realistic brow look for anyone interested. Unlike body tattoos, semi permanent makeup is done with a pigment, which is designed to fade over time. Fading is not a bad thing as it allows you to make alterations to your brows over the years, as the fashion changes.

All tattoos are technically classed as permanent. This is due to us breaking the skin to implant the pigment. However, the pigment used for microblading is designed to fade over time and due to the technique being extremely delicate, we can class it as semi permanent. You must be aware that all skin heals and fades differently, and 100% fading can not be guaranteed for anyone having a tattoo or semi permanent makeup, regardless of technique. All brows will require maintenance to keep the hair strokes defined, this can vary between 6 and 18 months depending on skin type.

Top ups can be anywhere between 6 and 18 months after the initial treatment, depending on skin type. On average most people will get a top up once a year, however those with oily skin may require top ups more frequently. During your initial consultation I will give you an idea of how often you will need a top up, however it is individual to each person, and you wont know how long your brows last until you have them done. Over exposure to sun, anti ageing products, very light pigment and poor aftercare can result your brows fading faster.

Each client will have a different pain threshold, so please do not be scared if someone tells you it hurts. To ensure the process is as comfortable as possible, I encourage all my clients to apply numbing cream 30 mins before your treatment, and if necessary I can also apply cream during the treatment. However, many clients do not feel the need for numbing cream. Please note that if you are a frequent smoker, or have your brows done during your menstrual cycle, the treatment may be more painful.

Microblading can be great for anyone and everyone. All styles of brows can benefit from this treatment, whether its to define a good shape, or create an entirely new brow. Using this technique I can fill in gaps, create the perfect brow arch, or extend the brow tail. Please be aware that there are certain conditions (medical and other) that may stop you from being able to have this procedure, including but not limited to those who have: • Pregnancy and/or breastfeeding • Diabetes • Keloid scarring • Are using Accutane medication • HIV or hepatitis • Cancer or chemotherapy patients • Those who have had botox or filler in the area. You must wait 4 weeks before having microblading done. • Those who have severe eczema or skin conditions on the brow area

The procedure takes approximately 2 hours, however I will always leave enough time so you do not feel rushed or panicked about deciding your brow shape.
• Apply numbing cream 30 mins prior to appointment
• When arriving, you will be asked to fill out the client form, and we shall discuss the brow shape, style and colour you would like( please bring a photo of how you draw your brows on if this is something you do regularly). I will also explain the aftercare process at this time.
• I shall draw the brow shape onto you, using a wax pencil, brow caliper and a sticky ruler. This allows me to create the perfect brow based on your face shape, existing brows and bone structure. If you want to make any alterations before proceeding, this is the time to discuss them. We can re-draw your brows as many times as you feel necessary, so please speak up if there is something you would like to alter.
• When you’re 100% happy with the shape drawn on, you will sign to say so and we shall start the treatment
• Each brow will take a maximum of 45 minutes to microblade. I do the hair strokes first (unless ombre brows are chosen) and then do the powder effect.
• Once finished, I will provide you with your aftercare products and leaflet, which will explain the cleaning and healing process. You will then come back in 6 weeks for your touch up (included in initial price), this is when we can fix any hair strokes that may have faded too much, and do any alterations that may be wanted.

After the procedure, you must follow the aftercare instructions given, and only use the products provided on your brows. Down time is minimal with microblading, however to achieve the best results and for long lasting brows please follow this information for a minimum of 7 days:
• No direct water or liquid on face (you must still clean brows morning and eve with a damp cotton pad)
• No steam, saunas, sun beds or intense heat on face
• No makeup, cream, lotions, ointments or other liquids - Only use products provided in aftercare kit on brows
• Do not wax, thread or pluck brows for 3 weeks after treatment
• Do not have botox for 4 weeks after treatment
• Do not pick or scratch any scabs or dry patches, your brows are delicate and must be touched as little as possible

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